about iGesto

Objectives of iGesto :

iGesto is an international association bringing together researchers from various scientific areas whose common interest is the study of body movements in communicative contexts (e.g. in face-to-face interaction, gestures in relation to speech, gesture as expression of thought, gesture acquisition, sign language, dance, singing, music and the performing arts, human-computer interaction).

1.    Create a network of researchers and research from various scientific approaches on the movements of the body in the context of communication

2.    Create a platform of logistic and scientific support for junior and senior researchers interested in the areas of Gesture Studies.

3.    Organize working groups in specific areas of Body-Language-Communication research.

4.    Organize scientific events and meetings (colloquia, seminars, workshops, lectures).

5.    Provide scientific support and organization for publishing and related products (databases, etc.).

Topics of research:

multimodal communication in face-to-face interaction in intra- or intercultural contexts, for example, in the interaction between speakers within and across linguistic communities;

  • multimodal communication and prosody;
  • gestures in translation and interpretation studies;
  • gestures and first/second language acquisition;
  • gestures of people with aphasias or other pathologies;
  • gestures in the learning and use of signed languages, for example, of Portuguese Sign Language variants;
  • multimodal communication in various teaching contexts;
  • multimodal communication in the performing arts (music, dance and theater);
  • the body, culture, and situational context – corporate culture;
  • multimodal communication in human-computer interaction, e.g. for the development of avatars or new technologies;
  • research on neurological aspects of gestures and the use of language in communication;
  • body, speech, rhythm, music;
  • anything multimodal communication and gesture-related.