Conference topics

  • Gesture and speech in different social contexts
  • Gesture and cultural heritage
  • Gesture and speech in different languages and cultures
  • Gesture and interpersonal coordination: mimicry and synchrony
  • Gesture and embodiment of abstract concepts and dimensions
  • Gesture acquisition in adults and children
  • Gesture in deaf adults and children; home sign languages, home sign systems
  • Gesture in sign languages
  • Gesture in the context of language mediation
  • Gesture and bilingualism
  • Gesture in L2 learning and teaching. Gesture in artistic creation: dance, performance, music, chant, painting, sculpture, cinema, photography
  • Neural activity in gesture production and perception
  • Gesture, cognition and culture in performative arts
  • Intention and perception in performance
  • Gesture and Multimodality in human-computer interaction